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March Crush: Art Baby Gallery

by Pauline Poderoso

Grace M, founder and boss in charge of Art Baby Gallery based out of Brooklyn, NY has developed from a virtual gallery to a currently touring and physical space, providing wearable art and media from a handful of other talented people like herself.  Starting off small, we've seen Grace's empire rise from her constant production of work and resourceful attitude. Blessed with a network of other amazing peoole, she's been able to create her own art world the way she wants to see it, with her and her friends having fun and making art. We hit up Grace to ask her about her favorite artists, snacks, Drake album and more.

What would your dream collaboration be? Young Thug wearing head-to-toe Art Baby Girl on his next tour.

You of nostalgia and pop culture. whats your newest interest/obsession? Cowboy hats & cherubs.

Artists you're into at the moment? Monica Garza

How much do u love Brooklyn and is there anywhere else you'd want to live? I love it there, it feels amazing to have so much creativity and energy so close together, but I just visited LA for the first time and I think I might move here soon because the weather is just wow.

I've read in a lot of your interviews that you love watching TV. What shows or movies are you into right now? I’ve watched every episode of the Lucas Bros Moving Co. at least 3x over the past month.

All time favorite look? Summer Goth

Favorite snack? Pizza

Favorite Drake album and why? Thank Me Later, it was the first album and I’ve been in love ever since.

How would you want to see the future of the art world? More inclusivity

What's your next project! Well I’m on tour with Alt Space for the next month and then I’m opening a gallery in Brooklyn this summer, I can’t wait.

Words of advice to other young, aspiring artists? Don’t compare yourself to other artists and don’t get discouraged, create as much as you can.


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