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A Glimpse into Blake Kathryn's 3D Dreamworld

by Eros Mortis

Enter the work of Blake Kathryn, a multi-disciplinary designer who brings more than your average pixel-based pieces to the table. Shining, bold and multi-dimensional, her art jumps out from it’s 2D binds and moves you to a happy place. We had a chat with Ms. Kathryn to take a look into her world and the genesis of her works.

Eros Mortis: We're so happy to have you as a feature on our site! How has your 2016 been so far?

Excited to be here, thanks for having me! 2016 has been a whirlwind thus far, I've been fortunate to collaborate with some lovely artists and am enjoying a newly found balance in work and play.

Balance, most important! Thought we'd start off with a couple of questions to let our readers get to know you! Where are you from?

I'm a born and raised Floridian. Growing up mostly in Orlando and Jacksonville, and then attending the University of Florida in Gainesville.


Where did your passion for design first begin?

While I was interested in design pretty much immediately upon starting college I don't think I had a strong passion for it until getting rejected from the college's design program my first time applying. That really lit the fire for me re-focus my efforts on more purposeful projects.

That contrast worked out very well. Your art seems to bridge a gap between the physical and digital worlds. What was it that initially drew you to this style?

I love cranking out work – doing a piece right when it comes to mind and putting it out in the world. This can be really difficult with physical projects, such as photo shoots that require a team, planning and scheduling. This impatience is what opened up my interests in 'faking it' digitally. It's a pretty individualistic experience, unless I'm in a collaboration.

We're all about pieces that move people, which is one thing we love about your work. Do you see your pieces as making political or moral statements? What is something you try to channel through your art?

More than anything I want to brighten people's day, I try to focus on lighthearted topics and visually intriguing explorations. If deeper meanings are drawn from what I put out, that's the cherry on top. 

Well you have certainly brightened our days! The 3D designs you have created are absolutely stunning, like a vivid dream. How do you go about bringing your ideas to life?

Returning to sketching has been extremely helpful with pushing concepts and expediting my overall process. More so than ever my sketches are made up of notes on materials and thoughts than visuals. It's very much a two-step process, from physical chicken scratch to digital shenanigans.

What are some of your main sources of inspiration, or influences that shape part of your style?

I recently rekindled my love for Tumblr and man has that been great for random doses of inspiration, similar sentiments to Behance. I've also been fortunate to live in New York, and now Los Angeles, which are booming with amazing and easily accessible museums. A day trip to one can leave me creatively buzzed for weeks.

If you could work with anyone, on anything, who would that be?

One collaboration I'd love to get into is merging CGI elements with photography, such as fashion shoots. I feel it's a largely untapped niche with always stunning results.

Please do! I’m picturing the finished products as pretty out of this world! As a graphic designer, how do you find a balance between utilizing your unique artistic talent and providing a piece that your client is stoked on? Do you ever have completely different visions?

I've definitely dealt with both client extremes, though at the moment I'm quite lucky to work with folks who appreciate unique visions and see them through. This is where the power to say no when the wrong project comes along is key, there's only so many hours in a day and you don't get any redo's.

What are some of your favorite mediums to work with? What method of creating do you find lets you express yourself the most?

Pixel pushing is in my blood, I took a year of painting in school and can easily lose track of time when surrounded by oils and a blank canvas. Between both digital and physical mediums, there's always a hefty dose of vibrant colors and abstract qualities. Equally rewarding is that when I find the time to switch between the two I feel so creatively fulfilled.

A lot of your work is very bold and colorful. Does this same style come out in your everyday wardrobe as well? Or your home décor? What would you decorate your ideal living room with?

My wardrobe consists of so many patterned pants, so that's a fair assumption. On the home decor front I'm always drawn to contemporary pieces in neutral colors with as many plants as I can tastefully fit – the natural side of vibrant I'd like to think!

Agreed, more plants, better life. Ok here's a big one. How about the art and design industry itself? Do you think the internet has been beneficial to the artist? What are your thoughts on this?

Of course! From developing a mood board, finding personal inspiration, to getting your work out there the internet is a largely positive and rad place. It would be quite tough to have stumbled upon the opportunities I've had without these digital communities.

Feel that 100%! This has been more than lovely. We are super excited to see what new things you have in store for us! Do you have any new projects coming up that we should be keeping our eyes peeled for?

Back at you, so happy to be here! I'm really excited to have started working more and more in the music industry, so pieces revolving around that will be coming out of the pipeline soon. I'm also casually getting into animation, sooner than later personal explorations in that will be populating my Instagram feed. 

Much thanks to Blake Kathryn for sitting down with us, we can’t wait to see what her bright and beautiful future holds!

Check out more of Blake's work on her BlogInstagramTwitter & Tumblr.



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