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Big Things Are Coming!

by Eros Mortis

EM is growing! And some awesome new changes are going to be happening in 2014+! A newish site will be released soon! And we have some amazing new writers on staff, representing the East Coast, Bay Area and LA. They will be covering anything from upcoming musicians, Dj’s, artists, to gallery events, parties and festivals! Bios coming soon, very exciting! So in the next few weeks keep an eye/ear out for some interesting new articles from us, including an exclusive interview, editorial, and download from our boys at TRUTH, and also snippets about our time at SXSW!

Also, in celebration of all the ultra cool summer activities going on, we have made this Festival Guide for you! Try and catch us at one of these events, next up for us is Coachella. We will be giving away a bunch of stuff every month in support of all this, so make sure to follow us onINSTAGRAM, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, & TUMBLR!

EM Festy Guide 2014

The 2nd give away for March is this supa dupa dope Electric Palms Bathing Suit Onesie from our bb Pet Shops Girl !!! Be sure you follow, like, repost and tag for a chance to win!!! Contest ends on 3/31. Limit to one post a day, but the more times you post, the greater chance you’ll have at winning.




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