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♫Mixtape Spotlight: Miss Glitt3r♡

by Eros Mortis

Our Eros feature this month can be none other than Pia Bernadette. She's a self-taught DJ, producer, and stylist that already has her own screen printing business and is currently developing her own beat pad as well as killing it in the LA night scene as Miss Glitter. She's even made an appearance in a Juicy J and Rae Sremmurd video 'Already' to be chosen as Juicy's girlfriend. Born in the providence of the Philippines, Pia ended up running awhay to Los Angeles, California, to pursue her dreams in every way possible. Her beats are dark and bassy, her vocals are soft and dreamy. Miss Glitter is inspired by her Internet culture of having all knowledge and possibility at the tip of your fingers. It's inspired by nostalgia of growing up during the boom of technology. Her samples of Gregg Araki, and Cowboy Bebop reminds us of the nights we stayed up all night as a kid watching anime, movies we'd have to hide from our parents, and lurked chatrooms. Pia is a model of millennialism being used at its highest potential. She has an understanding of struggle as an immigrant which has allowed her to use all resources necessary to thrive. She's not just any Internet girl. We foresee big things in the future from this babe. We love Pia ♡. 

How did your music career begin?
My music career began when I was 18, my lady friend and I were offered two DJ residencies in Hollywood on Wednesday and Friday nights. I was completely thrown into it and didn't even really know how to DJ, but I always loved the feeling of playing music for other people. I immediately bought a mixer and played with Ableton and slowly started learning how to make beats and warp samples to make them my own!
How has your transition to producer been?
Transitioning from a DJ to a producer has been incredibly exciting, but I'm still learning everyday! I took classes in college on electronic music production that taught me how to create patches and code my own pads so that I could attribute values to electronic objects that received music messages. (A LOT OF MATH UGH)
Whoa that's rad! So you're live performances will be crazy interactive and fun!
YES! I always bring a few different mixers with me. Haha my set up is crazy, but I love having so much to play with!
That's awesome. That's definitely something I appreciate when I comes to electronic artists. I understand so much is made on computers (and I love that accessibility) but I also yearn for live electronic performances. It's always gonna be more exciting then watching someone look at their laptop!
What type of energy/message do u thrive to promote at your gigs?
I think it's always important to expose your true self and love yourself for who you are! People should just be free and love each other, music brings people together and I enjoy playing music for an entire room of people with vital energy
So how does your music making process go? I'm always curious about how other artists get motivated
I'm inspired by EVERYTHING!! It's so weird like I'll listen to the sounds of a bus when it comes to a stop and think "damn that would be a sick drop" or like someone's shoes or something and it NEVER STOPS. Hehe. But mostly I'm inspired by movies and animeI sample a lot of my favorite movies, Mean Girls, Nowhere by Gregg Araki, and Clueless! I love sampling animes, I just sampled sounds from one of my all time faves Cowboy Bebop in my mixtape for Eros Mortis.
Since we're on the topic of interests, what artists (producers, photographers etc.) are you into at the moment?
OBSESSED with Freak City, they're such a dope music and fashion house that produces some exceptionally trill clothing and beats. Their shop is based in Hollywood and it's truly landmark to LA street style. MNEK is an amazing singer/producer that covers some of my favorite throwbacks by pop singers like J.Lo and Cher (I actually prefer his voice than theirs TBH) and somehow makes them less pop and more wavy. Female Korean rappers like CL, Hyuna, Yubin, etc. are killing the game right now in terms of fashion and rap style. They're sexy and empowering, plus they promote massive girl power!
You're a part of a special subculture in LA filled with young, ambitious individuals. Describe your scene to us? What is it lacking?
What I love about Los Angeles is it's HUGE and you can escape to all the different subcultures, taking a little bit from each one. There are so many different art and music collectives that are spread throughout the city so it's interesting to check out all of the different venues and residencies. Literally every night is different for me, it could be a warehouse rave in downtown or some opulent hotel rooftop WHO KNOWS. However, I would like to see LA's festival scene step their game up! Most of the festivals here are overpriced and could use better spaces.
What projects are you working on and who are you collaborating with? 
Currently I'm working on a new EP featuring all self-produced material, it's mostly electronic future music with some tracks being the type you can play at the party and some of it being dark and bassy. It's my singing and writing debut, as well! While in school I've started to create a library of self-composed tracks to be used in movies, documentaries, etc. one of my dreams is to compose music for a film or television show. I'm collaborating with a few amazing bad gals right now & I don't want to spoil the surprise but let's just say I'm excited to be working with some other slaysians!
Here at Eros Mortis we're all about supporting and encouraging our fellow creatives! As someone coming from a competitive industry, what are some words of advice for others thriving towards their dreams?
I say you should just go for what you love and what makes you happy! Support yourself and have pride in what you do but be humble so that others will appreciate you and help you achieve your dreams! Try to be patient and most importantly LOVE and TRUST yourself. I come from a family of people who work in the medical field who never truly understand my lifestyle but that's fine because I'm confident and happy, all that matters is YOU baby.
Finally, any last words or shout outs you wanna give?
Thank you so much for featuring me! The future is something I feel like we're already living and your clothes embody that! Coming through so many obstacles this year, I made this mix to emulate the duality in life, the yin and yang - there are some songs that are bubblegum sweet and some that go hard so I hope you enjoy it!
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