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by Eros Mortis

Hey yung Foxxxy~ Whats good?
Dj Foxy: It's all good, but you know, just chillin here @ work soaking up this money lol
Ayyy~ Soyou run #TOMCREW right? Tell us what that’s about!
TOMCREW is a net label founded by myself and a gentleman named Tokyo Hands. We somehow were able to convince our friends that Tom from MySpace was still cool... Not that he isn't cool anymore... He's great . Our label was birthed at the brink of the world wide Chicago footwork movement. We were the first cats to play footwork outside of Chicago (I like to think) and by our own wackyness we were somehow able to contribute to spreading the good news. You can check us out at
Chillllll. I know you are a big fan of jazz… top five songs of all time?
So that I won't anger the jazz gods I'll start by admitting that I'm not by any means a jazz connoisseur, but I like what I like. Mainly thanks to the anime I've watched over the years.
1. Mistline - Nujabes
2. Do the Astral Plane - Flying Lotus
3. Trashy - J Dilla
4. Stratus - Uyama Hiroto
5. Algiers - Austin Peralta (RIP)
Oooh ok, top anime is def a question now too lol
Damn I'm gonna get judged now lol
1. One Piece (I have my reasons)
2. Samurai Champloo
3. Ruroni Kenshin
I'm proud that I didn't put naruto up there but I would be a liar if I didn't include him somewhere within my top 3 as well. Hes maybe like 2.5 or something lower
JUDGED. haha jk those are all p good lol, haven’t really banged with One piece though~ Top 5 trax you’re feelin’ at the moment?
What I'm feelin rn-
1. OMW- Velocidad
2. O.T. Genasis COCO (SPF666 'Ganja Fieva' Dembow Edit)
3. Hysterics - Club Life
4. Iceboi - Waste My Time
5. Teyana Taylor - Maybe
BACON SODA~ haha so good. also loving that sexy-ass Teyana Taylorrr. Big question: URL or IRL?
URL vs IRL? They are acronyms for internet life vs in real life. I would say it's beneficial to have a healthy mix of both, but it’s permissible to be lacking in one or both. URL trends happen ages before IRL trends. It's almost in a sense the equivalent of the manga vs anime argument. With manga being the URL and anime being the IRL. As in manga being the blueprint well in advance of its animated life giving counterpart with voice actors (the anime). Basically you will get the story either way but if u want a better understanding of the story I'd suggest you do both... Sub>Dub btw
Lol so deep. Beautifully stated. Agree that subs are always better than dubs. On the topic of deep stuff: can you twerk?
Of course I can twerk 
Are you on some dumb shit?
You already know I be on some dumb shit Lmao
Ok ok, Just kidding, Let’s get serious and talk about GRIME ZONE
The Grime Zone is this zone (fb group) I created about a year ago to spread the awareness of the "new grime resurgence" that's been taking place. At first it got alot of pushback from my fellow Dj bretheren, but I often consider myself to be "most convincing" lol. I wanted to bring everyone interested in this "new movement" together, almost like an organized religion of sharing grime trax & ideas. So far we've reached a little over 2000 members. With several people being added daily we've achieved an eski-snowball effect. I'm most excited for this winter - we are planning an "Ice Rink" tour - to pay homage to none other than the original eskiboy don himself, Wiley. His track, "Ice Rink" being the motif. As in we are going to be djing in actual ice rinks around the country. Perhaps I took his message a little too literally lol. The entire project has been put together in fairley good humour, but make no mistake, the talent we are working with will reach halfway around the world (thanks to the internet). It's a two part tour, and we plan to hit 3 cities each part. We've got some big names rolling thru due to the zone being comprised of several producers. Word on the street is ya boy Foxy is gonna do some ice skating for real so stay tuned. Also we're hosting a war-dub tournament over at so be sure and peep that too
Would you pet KW’s pet or nah?
Lol ya I would, that was my question to begin with. Had a foxy blend of L-vis and the Weeknd to help me convey the message. 
 What are you producing in the studio these days?
Lol so I guess you could say that I'm @ an interesting moment in my life rn - my computer screen went out, so I haven't been working on trax ever since. So yea I'm just at work getting my money back up for future endeavors. Lol see question 10 for my most recent jam tho
Oh noo we need to grab this man a monitor or a raise or something ASAP! You have dj’d out a bunch, what would you say is the wildest party you ever played?
Lol my wildest party I've ever played I'm not supposed to talk about, but I will say it was in an Austin TX trap house with CJ Milli... I hear Ben Aqua, Trooth, and Supraman were all there as well (I didn't see them, or anyone for that matter it was in the dark). I'm really not at liberty to say much more, I'll tell you off camera tho.
YESSS *whispers* hahaa. Besides music what else do you like to keep yourself busy with?
I be on that anime, lol anime and video games- classic nerd status. I like food too. You can catch me on a regular day maxin out my mobile internet, eatin pizza and sippin' Arizona iced tea kermit the frog sad boys 2001 style
You look like you stay fresh, what could we find in your closet?
Well it's more of a what can we find in your gym locker as opposed to your closet question because I'm so health goth tbqh. Btw Health Goth isn't just a way of life it's also what most people in gyms around the world wear I found out.
ROFLLL omg don’t tell me don't tell me you wear socks w tevas loll Hey Tell us about some of your upcoming events!
We've got the Grime Zone tour happening in Dec / Jan. Other than that we are planning a huge sxsw 2015 party, wanna collab again?

Check our our boy foxy on Soundcloud for more hot traxxx!


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