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by Eros Mortis

For Eros Mortis Vol 005, we've got DJ Noir of Juke Bounce Werk on deck. She's a bad a$$ DJ, a stunning photographer and a real treat to listen to, amongst a slew of other things!
What's up NOIR, what's your story?
Well, I am natural born Los Angelino. DJ, photographer, co-founder of Juke Bounce Werk and A&R for All Roads Music
Tell me about Juke Bounce Werk, and All Roads. What's the crew been up to, where y'all will go in the future!
JBW began from the inspiration and relationship that had developed in the early 2013 with DJ Tre and DJ Earl from Teklife. We were very inspired by the movement coming out of Chicago and became passionate about the idea of bringing it to Los Angeles and creating a home base here. We started throwing some parties and networking our Drum n' Bass community leaders, artists, DJ's and radio heads in LA and across the pond in the UK, with hopes just to inspire some great collaborations. We had never really thought it would take over us and that it would become a crew and a movement of it it's own. In the late summer of 2013, our longtime friend Kevin King, aka Lemon D [Jungle/Drum n' Bass legend, Metalheadz, Valve] presented us with the opportunity to showcase the sound and talent by appointing us as head A&R in North America for his new music label project called All Roads. Since then, it has been non stop for us! We have grown and gained worldwide recognition as a result of supporting artists and being what we believe to be a quality platform for people to get their music heard. Creating a weekly top ten series was really key. It opened up the community and suddenly we began to see who was who and how much talent there was worldwide. Through that, we developed a lot of relationships and people began to connect with each other's music on a whole different level. Each week we are creating a place where people can go and learn about new producers, DJ's and the music currently on the come up. Also, you find plenty of the roots and classics of Juke and Footwork and people go very deep and very hard on their mixes. We are always impressed with the taste and quality of the submissions each week. People often tell me that the top tens have become their go-to to hear what everybody is on and to discover new music. That makes us very proud. We are now seven members deep. Myself, JDrago, Sonic D, Neuropunk, Jonny 5, Nanashi, and Subcode. We have many things that we are planning, and we won't say too much because. .  . you know. . . biters. HA!
You bout that Teklife?
Oh, you KNOW this! Without the Teklife family, we probably wouldn't have been inspired to do all that we have done. The support that they have given us is nothing short of a gift. The opportunities that we have had and why we do what we do are the result of the inspiration and support they have given to us. The blessing to have met and to be touched by DJ Rashad is one reason we are compelled to continue our mission to help spread this sound and the beautiful footwork culture that it is rooted in. We have enormous respect for our Teklife bros. Fuckin' solid. 
Who are some of your favorite musicians/artists at the moment?
It is really too many and it changes from week to week! Lately, I have been banging out the new projects coming from Polish Juke crew, Footmerc, Sirr TMO, Heavee, and Londy. 
So, I've seen some of your dope photography, how long have you been into that?
I have loved photography as long as I can remember. I have always been fascinated with the idea that you can freeze a moment with a photograph. Time is fleeting. To capture time is sort of like magic. Many people have a sort of superficial relationship with photography. I respect the art of making a strong photograph and I know that an image can provoke feelings, conversation and even change your view of the world. I would say I have only begun to take it a little more serious in the last five years or so. 
I know you're all about that Juke Bounce Werk, what other genres of music do you enjoy DJing, listening, or turning up to?
I love metal, punk rock, jazz, funk, disco, house UKG, and I do enjoying DJ'ing junge and d&b. I just love music, period. I feel really fortunate to have found the love in juke/footwork because it really encompasses all of the underground music that I enjoy. It is so versatile in terms of style, you can incorporate it into pretty much any genre of music. 
Are you looking into releasing your own music any time soon?
I wouldn't say soon, but maybe someday. I'm really focused on the DJ aspect, my duties at All Roads and the bigger plans for JBW. Quite honestly, I don't think I have the time or patience to wrap my head around production. 
Describe your personal style, what you be wanting to wear when you feel relaxed, when you feel like spicing things up, and when you go out! 
My style has changed dramatically over the years. There was a time when I was very much into standing out, wearing too much make-up and too little clothing. The more I wanted to stand out artistically, the more toned down my look became. I guess, I got tired of getting the wrong kind of attention, if you will. Being a chick in this game has definitely made me more aware that you have to have more talent than flash otherwise, people think you are getting everywhere with your tits. When I was growing up, I was into modeling and dance and stuff and I spent many years being concerned about fashion and having my look together. Now, I don't give a shit. I like jeans and t-shirts and I MIGHT actually wear make-up if I wanna get crazy! I have definitely gone from one extreme to the other over the years. 
DOGS vs CATS, go. 
Dogs. Dogs forever. Cats don't give any sort of a fuck about you, trust me. They will leave you if your offerings are subpart. I am almost certain that they are judging you at all times based on the shitface they always give for no reason. Dogs on the other hand, are all love all the time. They really are an example of how people should be. Cats could learn some things from dogs. Dogs are loyal. Cats are opportunists. 
Your coming show, when and where?
We have our weekly radio show on every Sunday evening from 5pm to 9pm (PST). Every alternate Sunday we host the show live from Evaporate Vape Lounge in DTLA. September 18th, JDrago and I wil be supoorting Traxxman at Los Globos in LA and our crew now hosts a bi-monthly residency called ROCKSTEADY at Tokyo Beat in Little Tokyo in LA and its CRACKIN'! 
There you have it! Noir is definitely one of my personal favorite DJ's to listen to, and if you don't check her out, you're losing out BIG TIME!
Interview by: WolfBitch


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