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EROS VOL 004: CJ Milli

by Eros Mortis

For the newest EROS MORTIS VOL 004 installation, we have the great pleasure of sharing some thots w CJ Milli, our favorite internet hustla + cyber dream bae + yung URL queen. She's the best in the game, not to mention one of the hottest DJ's in 2014. She makes our everyday URL life complete, and if you don't know her, you are clearly missing out on life. 

Tell me about CJ Milli and what u been up to! 

I, CJ Milli, have been lurking the world wide web for music to introduce you to since AOL was the internets. Dabbling in all mediums of the cyber realm; I've mastered the fine arts of DJing, music-making, blogging (on, Facebook/cyber hustling, professional internet surfing, tubmling, photoshoplifting, databending, and above all tastemaking. I'd consider myself to be one of the cyber realm's most dedicated tatemakers, and a trusted source for new media of all kinds. 



What's the craziest party you have ever played? 

Oh man, I've played so many crazy parties, so I def had to think about this question for a bit before deciding on one; but I'd have to say it was this one party I played in Richmon, Virginia. It was a "dance party" on this girl's second-story porch (the best kind of party!). Everything was going great until the porch collapsed ~ leaving like 10 people in the hospital. One girl even broke her neck and is now paralyzed for life :,( Yeah… that would have to be the craziest. But on a lighter note, this one party I played with Bag Raiders in a Galactic bowling alley was pretty crazy too! 

facebook girlfriend cj milli

What's up with your cyber hustles tho?

Basicall, for the last four years or so, I've been traveling around the US DJing parties and living the URL 2 IRL dream. Although this has made me $$$rich$$$ in super fly memories & experiences, "living the dream" has landed me first place in the broke bitch contest. Since all this traveling has made it so I can't have a real job, I've had to find ways to make money via my home~town, the internet. Believe it or not, I've been able to get by solely with donations from my internet friends. I started out making DJ drops for DJs/producers, which was fun, but didn't really pay very much for all the effort I was putting into it. So I had to get more creative… since then I've made money in a million different ways, such as accepting friend requests for pizzas, selling my Facebook relationship status on Ebay, 'remixing' people's profile pictures, promoting shows on Tinder, and posting statues like, "Hey I just met you and this is crazy but I need a lot of money," or "I'm buy-sexual: buy me things and i get sexual." Lol. I realize this all sounds, and definitely is, totally crazy; but hey… it's the truth and I am forever grateful to my internet friends for allowing the CJ Milli cyber hustle to become a reality and live on. Talking to strangers on the internet was most definitely the best decision of my life. Also, Since so many people have asked me if I can "teach them how to cyber hustle," I've decided to start sharing my secrets via CJ Milli's Cyber Hustling Academy (coming soon); only 5 lucky applicats will be accepted this fall so apply now! We have decided to keep the number of students so low because of the fact that everyone's cyber hustle is personal and will get one-on-one intensive training courses/counseling sessions with CJ Milli herself. 

Who are some of your favorite artists right now?

Neana, Trap Door, DJ Yolo Bear, Umbertron, Dehousy, Teen Witch, Jayhood, Addison Groove, and Doctor Jeep to name a few! 

Is the internet real? 

Did CJ Milli fuck your bitch?

What are some of your go to fashion statements when you're feeling hot?

My go-to fashion statement =! Oh, and 90s-esque platform shoes for sure. 

LOL. Good answer. Tell me about ultrapussy. 

ULTRAPUSSY is a brand new project that Morgan from WolfBitch and I are working on! With our powers combined we plan on taking the cyber realm by storm in 2014~ Look out for our first mixtape + EP that will be released in the near future :) 

So, most people don't know but CJ Milli has extended her cyber hustle to us to help make us strive, how has it been working for Eros Mortis?

#DREAMJOB! Couldn't ask for a better company/bae to work for. Proof that dreams really can come true if you don't give up the URL hustle!

What would you tell a cyber troll when he/she tryna troll your shit? 

BB u can't hustle a cyberhustler, and u definitely can't troll a troll. 

There you have it guys, CJ Milli, the one and only. We love her, and you should too! Now go turn up to that EM VOL 004 <3 

~Interview by WB~


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