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I Think People Are Still Kinda Beautiful: T.E.A.M.S. & Mykki Blanco at 120 Minutes SF

by Eros Mortis

120 Minutes has been killin' it lately with amazing artists on the roster like Gatekeeper, Antwon, footwork champion DJ NATE (aka BAKA), and most recently, Mykki Blanco and TEAMS, accompanied by local resident dj/host S4NtA_MU3rTE, and my dad and DJ: CHAUNCEY_CC. Sean Bowie a la TEAMS, who's aesthetic and music are both odd and amazing, took to the stage to engage, sexier than Ellen Page, released from her cage…lol (fired). And if you haven't heard by now, Mykki Blanco is a high energy performer and persona emerging from the queer underground of New York; Both artists make weird, beautiful music, interestingly and artfully rapped/sung upon, and, of course, Mykki and TEAMS' tour together through Japan seems to be the perfect match in webby heaven. The two are easily some of my favorite newish artists, and both commanded the stage with elegant and forceful glamour. Despite their power, I was pleasantly surprised how nice and easy Mykki was to talk to before show time, allowing me to chit chat and take a photo together as well ;3 Perhaps these artists humbly understand the crowd was a part of the unspoken connection we felt that night as Mykki and TEAMS both stage dove into our arms and we all danced together. I fondly remember how, throughout the night, the two artists commanded the stage, and both thrashed amongst the crowd; together we raged, and together we were all bound~ In hindsight, I noticed something special at this show: amidst the talent and emotion exerted during the night, I had emerged from my internet cave to see the ~true light~ of the stage, and what more did this light show me as it passed by the elegant behinds of artists we so love? It illuminated the shining faces of those there to support them. As I stood backstage trying to take pictures of the front of stage, I noticed how ham everyone was and felt so grateful to see the different shapes and sizes of humanity that still cared about supporting music. *wipes tears* So I dedicate this article to all the beautiful human specimens that remind me to leave bed and experience life and stuff lol

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TEAMS blew up the fucking stage with his perfomance, yelling shit into the mic while the giant words “GOD” loomed behind him, pretty deep.


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