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by Eros Mortis

Last Tuesday I took a much needed break from living out of boxes and went to my first show as a new resident of Los Angeles, IHEARTCOMIX’s monthly party Check Yo Ponytail 2, to see Cashmere Cat. After downing two Buzz Ballz on the bus, I stumbled into The Echo to discover that Cashmere was already playing. I could barely make it through the crowd of yung alt bros trapping, who (like myself) obviously hadn’t just gotten back from SXSW, judging by the fact that we were all at the club turning up, not in bed dying. 

Having #lapsed and missed him at festivals I had attended or when he’d passed through The Bay, I was excited to finally see Cashy Cat live. I was thriving, even moreso to his original tracks than his remixes cuz been fan. I was instantly drawn to his music after hearing his first EPMirror Maru, back when I still thought this fool was a chick. I mean, the female imagery used on his early Soundcloud tracks definitely threw me off, but the masquerade was all part of the act.

Cashmere Cat is the pioneering member of what I like to call a “zoo” of Anon Soundcloud DJ-producers who choose to represent themselves through anthropomorphic aliases rather than their real names or faces. By anonymizing themselves (within the lineage of other well-known, masked, electronic acts), these artists seem to purport that their music is more important than their identities; in doing so, this new breed of Anon DJs created buzz amongst the electronic music community online for those curious to uncover who they really are, further drawing more attention to their music. Two of these closely related acts, Trippy Turtle (who has been rumored to be Cashmere’s alter ego) and DJ YOLO Bear, supported Cashmere Cat on the lineup at the CYP2 show and after party.

Cashmere Cat is actually Magnus August Høiberg, a dude from Norway. You would never expect a timid, lanky, Scandinavian guy with long ass disheveled hair, who at the end of his set comes to the foot of the stage and curls his hands beside his face like a literal cat, to be producing a song for the likes of rappers Ludacris, Wiz Khalifa, and Jeremih, but I’m all about people who are into shit you wouldn’t expect them to be into, so shouts to them.

On first glance, or if you’re just drunk at ones of his shows, August could still be mistaken for a girl, but his unassuming appearance only adds to the appeal of his music, what to me is the perfect fusion of (mostly) Hip-Hop and R&B vocal samples melded over relaxed, melodic pop beats that make for a sweet, smooth, very sexual, sound that is easily to fall in love with. His music may still be underground, but Cashmere Cat’s distinctive style begs to be burst out and onto the mnstrm. It is thoughtful, emotional, and beautiful. I’m happy I experienced it.

Cashmere Cat’s second EP Wedding Bells is out now. Here’s to the next party!

(Photos by Michael Melwani)


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