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by Eros Mortis

In an effort to help spread the truth and enlighten the web, Eros Mortis got in touch with some of our favorite artists, Tristan and Dré from TRUTH. These guys are from New Zealand, currently climbing the ranks, and touring the universe right now with their amazing music, matched only by their awesome performances. If you haven't already, give this preview of their upcoming releaseHollow World a listen while you read this illuminating interview. Let us show you… the undisputed Truth (lol).

Eros Mortis: OK right off the bat, what's the craziest/most fucked up thing that's ever happened on tour or at a show?

The craziest things are probably best kept as memories.. you know the old saying “what goes on tour stays on tour”.
Crazy or just stupid stuff happens every time we go on tour. One show in Houston, when security tried to shut the gig down, the crowd chanted “fuck this shit” for 20 minutes until security was forced to let the show resume. Once we climbed a huge billboard beside a highway and rearranged the letters to say “Truth”.

All kinds of crazy stuff happens, so it's hard to say what the craziest would be. Perhaps, the time after our gig in Istanbul, Turkey. Dre wakes up to the sounds of someone or something rummaging in his hotel room, he jumps up, throws the light on and catches a man going through his stuff! Imagine being chased from a hotel room by a half-drunk, naked kiwi… must have been terrifying!

Everyone asks "WHAT ARE YOUR BIGGEST INFLUENCES" so I wont lol, is there anything specific you might say you guys STAY AWAY from?

Not consciously. There are a lot of places we go musically, and a lot of places we have not been yet. We don't ever want to make anything too cheesy, but to be honest, that's totally up to the listener to decide! We're not going to ever rule anything out, except to say that our music has a particular aesthetics which we are happy with, and won't be changing any time soon!

I know this has broken up bands/duos in the past but I must ask the most important question: favorite Michael Jackson song?

Dre: Thriller

Tristan: Dirty Diana

And the battle for greatest MJ single continues…So do you guys follow any weird specific web culture(s)? (for example: My Little Pony, Cat blogs, Reddit, Fashion lol)

Dre's pretty into Aliens.

Spirit animal?

Dre- wolf bear

Do you believe in the Lil B the Based God?


WE MUST PROTECT LIL B AT ALL COSTS. Favorite place to tour? It's ok if it's not ~*USA*~

There are so many amazing places we tour to, so it would be really hard to pick one place. There are lots of cities in the USA which we absolutely love. Like Austin, Texas, San Francisco, Denver, New York and others. Over the last couple of years one of the most fun places to tour has been Canada as the Truth sound seems to have really taken off there! On that note, we also have a solid following in Germany and always end up doing a few shows there on our EU tours.

We also really like going to new places and breaking new ground. It can be some of the most rewarding and challenging touring, so when we finally got to travel in South America a couple of years ago, that was a really special experience which won't soon be forgotten.

First thing you eat/drink when the plane lands?

Depends where it lands! BBQ if it's Texas, a dank Burrito in Mission if it's San Francisco, Ceviches if it's Peru, Fish N Chips in New Zealand. For our first few USA tours it would always be “The best (insert junk food here) in the world”, promoters love to show off what they consider the local specialty to be. We have lost count of the number of “best burger in the world”, “best hotdog in the world”, “best pizza in the world” etc that we have eaten.

When you aren't on the road, playing, or working on tracks, how do y'all spend your free time? Party boys or homebodies?

Sorry, we don't understand the question, we are always either: on the road, working on tracks, or playing.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr? lol its ok if there isn't a preference

Probably facebook, just because it has the biggest reach… but if we had to nominate our own, it would be Soundcloud.

Ambiguous/vague interview question: how would you describe your guys' 'musical aesthetic'

Moody and Cinematic. Dark and heavy. Sometimes minimal, often deep, always dangerous.

Who was/were your favorite artist(s) when you were 15, (for example, unashamed, I loved 'Linkin Park' and 'The Locust', which is numetal and grindcore lol). I ask this because I think that our teen favorites are always interesting truths that spread light on our current art/selves, as some would say our current perception is derivative from our past experiences.

Tristan: Radiohead, The Prodigy

Dre: Rage Against The Machine, Massive Attack

That definitely says a lot. Can't deny love for Prodigy and Massive Attack. A little more serious though, I heard you may had some new releases on Deep Medi and Tempa coming, I don't know if we can talk about it yet (if not, ill just omit this whole question), but can you give us any hints as to when those will drop? and what we have to look forward to?

We just did a release on Deep Medi and we're really stoked with it! It's an EP featuring “30,000ft” and 3 other choice cuts. We also have 2 releases lined up on Tempa, but the release dates on those is not confirmed.

We also are dropping our album, Hollow World, on Firepower Records on June 10th. We're really happy with how it sounds as it gives the best insight yet as to what we consider the “Truth Sound” to be right now!

So there you have it folks, special thanks to Truth, for telling it to us~ and we can't wait for you to check out Hollow World in its entirety because this shit is next level! You can order it here. Check out Truth and keep an eye open for more interviews and all-around pleasurable content from Eros Mortis in the near future!


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