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eros exclusive s/s styling



by Pauline Poderoso

Club Aerobics  bae BIANCA OBLIVION  blessed Eros Mortis with a new mix inspired by "QT internet vibe[s], lots of synths, pitched-up, girly vocals". This high-energy mix goes with Bianca's sexy tomboy vibes made to make you pop your booty for those nights at the club when we're feeling ourselves and everyone around us. 


What genres and styles influenced the EM mixtape?
For the EM mix I totally switched it up from the styles I’ve been playing out/mixtaping lately. It’s a very QT internet vibe, lots of synths, pitched-up, girly vocals. I was really inspired by the EM aesthetic and tried to capture that in this mix--think gummy candy and Lisa Frank stationary and every adorable emoji, especially my personal fav *pink nail polish hand.* I was also very inspired by my IRL friends in LA who have been releasing so many jams lately (thx for sharing y’all!), but also my URL friends who have sent along tracks and supported me--I appreciate you all <3!

What’s your ideal DJ outfit?
I’m somewhat of a chameleon, I always dress based on the type of event or how I’m feeling that night. One night you might find me spinning in something black and form-fitting with some sort of sheer/mesh component, leather jacket and heels. Another night I’ll be in sneaks, leggings or black knee highs, and an oversized shirt worn as a dress (prob repping our Club Aerobics logo) jumping around like crazy with my squad and booty bouncing. I really have fun with composing looks and try to change it up often, which actually reflects the way I approach DJing.

Is there a specific piece of clothing that you’ll always run to?
I have this short-sleeve black mesh top that i love and I can pair with almost everything, same goes for this black cotton spandex mini skirt I have, it’s a staple.

How do your musical influences creep into your fashion?
In the literal sense, I have a lot of music friends’ shirts I like to rep. I think a lot of what inspires me is going out to clubs and seeing how other people pull together styles, mixing casual & glam, future & classic. I am also really inspired by the vibrancy of tropical music styles, specifically Afro/Latin/Caribbean, and the looks connected to those genres are always colorful & poppin.

How would you describe your sound?
This is probably the question that makes me pause for...a while lol. For all intents & purposes I’m an “open format” DJ, but that sounds totally dry and like i’m evading the question. I’m heavily drawn to bass music, which includes tropical/dancehall/baile funk, future/trap, club music, Miami, juke/footwork, jungle/DnB, grime, dubstep, bassline house, UK garage/funky, and ballroom/vogue. I’m also down for the classics--90s house, freestyle, disco, funk, and hip hop, but as my sound has developed, these styles have become more of the references for what I’ve included in my sets as opposed to the main focus. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy playing them, but I want to showcase tracks that take these genres in new directions, push the boundaries and build upon them while still maintaining their dancefloor qualities.

How do you want your audience to feel during and after experiencing your set?
I wanna make them sweat and jump and grind up on their bae. I want some heads to turn and be like “wait...WHAT is this? WHO is this?” I want people to forget their insecurities and inhibitions and just lose it for an hour. I want them to feel like they are connected to me and the person next to them and everyone in the club around them. I just want people to have as much fun in the crowd as I’m having in the booth...actually, sometimes I’m so hyped I’ll just run out to the crowd and booty pop a little before I have to run back and mix out of the track.

Experience her live set and grind up on your bae this Friday (7/29/16) at THE LASH LA with DJs TRAGIK, NOIR, SUSPECT BITCH, and WOLF BITCH. 

Photo courtesy from Bianca's Facebook by TRIP EAZY


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