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Sky Sky's Mix 4 Eros Mortis

by CJ Milli

This week, we’re bringing you an exclusive mix from one of our all-time fav #EROSbabes: Sky Sky.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Sky is more than an Angeleno, but certainly proves to be one bad little angel. Her passion for music has been an undeniable element in her life that has carried her through her 10 years of intense dance training and now DJing. Being a dancer lead Sky to begin her new career: playing bass-heavy house music for the audience and herself to dance to. Deeply involved in the LA fashion scene, Sky’s unique kawaii cyber, psychedelic street style also makes her visually intriguing and sets her apart from others. Sky’s performance quality and engagement with the audience is a rare attribute that she brings into the DJ world. Her blend of deep house, ghetto house, hip-hop, and future bass creates a set that will make the whole room sweat. Sky sets a new level to the EDM DJ realm where it’s more than just playing good music, but its performance driven and fashion forward. Sky takes advantage of all of her skills and passions, and intertwines them with her music interests to create unique next-level DJ known as SKY SKY.

We caught up with the model, dancer, actor, DJ, cyber socialite, and all-round mega-babe to find out how she got started DJing, what inspires her, personal style, fashion favs, and what’s on her playlist rn.




Your list of accomplishments includes modeling, dancing, acting and most recently DJing! How did you start DJing and what inspired you to do so?


I’ve always been very much into music, and I love to dance. I’d be that person that goes hard on the dance floor (cause I am a dancer anyway LOL). I would even gauge how good a party is by what music they play. I’ve always wanted to be able to hear the music I want to hear, so why not be a Dj myself. I love bringing the people so much energy, and I get super crazy whenever a lit song comes on, so the performer in me I thought was well-suited for this new role of mine. Plus one of my hobbies is discovering new artists and dope tracks, so minds well put that into good use. I had a homie that had the full CDJ set up at his place, so I came over and made him teach me twice. After that, I felt annoying asking people to let me come over and learn, so I’m self-sufficient and bought my own decks off of Craiglist and just self-taught everything else myself.


How would you describe your sound? 


I love bass heavy music like deep house and trap mixed with electronic and even a little dubstep to get that grime on. I play a lot of new sub-genres like ghetto house and future bass too. My favorite thing to do is throwing a sick deep house beat under a new rap/hip-hop track vocals to create that ghetto house myself.


Who and/or what inspires your work? Can you name a few artists that you look up to or admire?


 Considering just artists for themselves, I absolutely love San Holo, Gesaffelstein, ZHU, Skrillex, ToyBoi, and Louis the Child to name a few. I admire my friends like Grabbitz, Brillz, Y2K, and Z because they’re so incredibly talented and just amazing to watch them work on their music.

As far as the artists that I love for the style of music that I play, I look into Dr. Fresch, Dombresky, Hucci, Wuki, Dog Blood, RL Grime, Wax Motif, Mura Masa, Jack Beats and all the HOWSLA djs basically….and I can go on LOL.


You are one of our all-time fav Eros models and Insta-crushes, giving us outfit inspo and major wardrobe envy on the daily! Can you describe your personal style (clothing-wise)? 


I’m the type of person that likes to change their style a lot, as in I don’t have one type of look I do. One day I’ll dress in a super kawaii outfit, another day I would dress in a health-goth look, another day would be a boho look, and then another day would be in a bad-ass hood street-wear look. I just love fashion and becoming a different character so I like going for different styles whenever I feel like it. But I can say is no matter what style I choose to wear, its always in the Eros Mortis vibes if that makes sense…like very edgy, sexy, kawaii, and unusual mixed together street wear stuff.


Where would we find you on a typical Friday night?


I have a part-time job I work at every Fridays till 10pm, so after I would go out to wherever the good music is at haha. There are always several things going on in LA, so I look through them and see if there’s any DJs or artist I like playing somewhere, and then that’s where I would end up. Most of the time that’s either somewhere in Downtown LA or Hollywood.


If you were an emoji, which one would u be?

I always use for me: 👼


Can you give us three songs you’re listening to right now that we all need to know about?


Ok this is what im digging like right now…

DISSØLV - Thundercrack

dogblood - Next Order

Hudson Mohawke - Cbat (Boombox Cartel Remix)

 …Wait this is old but my friend just showed me his track its sooo fire

Grabbitz - Ballin'


Nice! What’s next for sky sky?


School starts back up for me, so unfortunately I have to go back and finish what I started. What’s next that I’m super eager and ambitious to do is start producing my own music. I’m playing around with Ableton here and there, but at some point, when I get the time, I’m going to fully invest in getting this to happen for me because right now, I can’t get booked anywhere without having my own tracks. That’s just how it is with the competitive world out there. Plus I just really want to be able to bring to life sounds that I hear in my head out to the tangible world. 

Wanna know more about Sky Sky? Follow her on Insta @sky_sky_





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