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by Eros Mortis

If we could take one thing away from LA and bring it to the Bay it would be DJ SUGA SHAY. Sugar Shay AKA Shaina Robison, explores every genre in this mix that can probably scientifically be proven to turn you up. Everything from Dembow, Baile Funk to EDM, Shaina delivers an adrenaline club rush to dance floors with an energy that can’t be fucked with.

Shaina's creativity originally fosters out of Philadelphia where she describes a typical Saturday night as some what of a block party. It's a hop from one party to the next and each one is bumping in various scenes. Her mix is very much like that. I would best describe it as one lit night that satisfies all your party needs and desires.

Now in LA, Shaina is an active hustler in the club scene. Linked up with a list of other baddies taking over LA nightlife, her and her crew Factory Girls and friends in Club Aerobics cultivate a scene of femme DJs and producers who are topping lineups of the biggest LA functions.  

What genres and styles influenced the EM mixtape?

I've recently been getting into a bunch of genres I don't usually play after spending some time in LA immersing myself in the underground club scene. You'll hear a lot of Dembow, Reggaeton, dancehall and Baile Funk pretty much anywhere you go, and I've been incorporating some of those world vibes into my sets lately. I've been playing club music since the beginning of my career, so naturally there's always a fair amount of it in all of my sets, mostly tracks my friends are making. I got my start in EDM, so I love to work it in in some form at least once in every set. As usual, the mix is in my standard open format style, so there are a solid amount of genre switch ups from start to finish.

What’s your ideal DJ outfit?

In a perfect world I picture myself rocking out in a matching crop top and high waisted skirt or pants, but in some revolutionary new fabric that self-illuminates and changes colors, maybe even to the beat. I want to be bioluminescent like a strange marine animal. In the regular world you'll catch me playing with fabrics and finishes, mixing and matching, so that I look like several versions of an early 2000's Spice Girls Barbie Doll.

Is there a specific piece of clothing that you’ll always run to?

I've got a baby blue vinyl skirt that I wear high waisted that I feel like I never take off these days. Before that piece, it was a pair of velour acid-pastel tie-dye suspender leggings. When I'm not DJing I'm 100% comfyville and I've been living in a jersey by local LA brand/homies ARNTRE LA.

How do your musical influences creep into your fashion?

Lately I've been getting gifted really amazing merch from music pals and collaborators, so I've been wearing music tees almost exclusively for a while now. I'd definitely rather rep my friends and be comfy on my downtime than spend longer than 2 minutes deciding what I'm going to wear.

Explain the differences in Philadelphia and LA club/party scene? Anything special from Philadelphia that you’ve brought to LA? How do they both influence you?

Philly has the feel of a small town, so our party scene feels more like a college campus on a Saturday night than a big city. The neighborhoods are close enough together that you can hit 4 parties in a night and see a ton of friends from different scenes and musical backgrounds. It's definitely worth mentioning that because Philadelphia is basically a pressure cooker for talent, chances are the parties you're going to end up at are expertly curated by the DJs and performers. Philadelphia is party rock central, and I brought that East Coast DJ style to LA with me. Los Angeles is similar, but you're going to get a lot more touring and headlining DJs playing all over the city, much more production value for your dollar. 

Coming from an underground party scene background, What’s you ideal DJ setting/situation? do you prefer the warehouse party or the club? What makes one more exciting than the other?

I love DJing in grimy basement type situations where you can barely see anything. My goal is to go off on a 2hr+ afterhours dubstep set in a city I've never been to before. Locally, I've been throwing parties in LA with my friends from the East Coast for our collective "House Party LA". We actually started in a house in Koreatown. We've since grown a ton and moved to Los Globos, a bigger club in Silverlake, but we still throw DIY events in warehouses and the like as much as possible. Warehouses are definitely a bit more vibey, there's a feeling that you can get away with anything musically. Clubs are more restrictive, but a lot less stressful. I enjoy both equally.

Who are your favorite females/ femme identifying artists right now that we should pay attention to?

My girls Club Aerobics (Ducky, Bianca Oblivion, Suspect Bitch) have been killing it with their DJing and production. My crew Factory Girls (Gun$ Garcia, Katie Rex) also have some tricks up their sleeves. My boo Uniique never disappoints. Sha Sha Kimbo throws one of my favorite parties in LA and her tracks are sick. There's so much talent and I'm very lucky to call some of these amazing ladies my friends. I'm also keeping tabs on Whipped Cream and DJ Svani; you'll see some of their tracks in my recent mixes. Ladies are taking over!


Photos courtesy of Shaina's Instagram. Mixtape art by @nickeays.


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