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by Eros Mortis

We are so HYPED to bring you this exclusive mix from Wenzday: mega babe DJ, producer, radio show host and founder of 40oz Cult. We caught up with her to chat DJing, fave gigs and what’s on the agenda for 2018. Download the mix now on Soundcloud and read the interview below. 


How did you get started DJing and what inspired you to do so?
So, I actually thought that I was going to be a vocalist. I did musical theatre and choir from elementary school to high school and then I saw DJ AM play at BFD in the Bay Area in 2009 and I switched lanes the next day. I was in awe of how he was able to control the crowd and I became obsessed with learning everything I could about DJing. I moved to LA shortly after that to pursue DJing full time.

Tell us about the moment bass music, or more specifically *bass house* captured your heart.
I love bass house because it not only combines my 2 favorite genres of music but it allows me to be versatile in my sets and transition from a genre like deep house to dubstep.

What are 3 words you would use to describe your style of DJing?
Energetic, surprising, & fun.

How would you describe your own music in a few words?
My music definitely combines both melodic elements and heavy drops. I think that allows for my live sets to be versatile and stand out because right when you think everything is slowing down, it picks right back up!

Having done both DJing and producing, do you view your DJ persona differently than your producer persona; and do you prefer one over the other?
I love both equally! I am so grateful for the opportunity to have been an open format DJ because that experience helps me make music that is more DJ friendly/playable.

Tell us about the new track you just dropped with Reid Speed!
I'm soooo excited about our track! It came out on Reid's label Play Me Records. First of all, I have looked up to Reid Speed since forever! She is a phenomenal DJ and producer so getting to work with her was a rad experience. I think that you can definitely hear both of our styles/sounds in it. Plus us girls gotta stick together!

Since you are a classically trained vocalist, do you have any plans to show off your vocal skills in some of your upcoming productions?
Actually, a lot of times I will use my own voice for little samples or vocal elements within the song. But moving forward, I want to start writing more songs that feature myself on top lines!


One of your first DJ gigs was at the Playboy Mansion, and since then some highlights have included DJing at Art Basel, Burning Man, and opening up for Snoop Dogg (to name a few!) You must have a ton of amazing stories; but what would you say has been your ALL-TIME favorite gig? 
My all time favorite show has to have been at Burning Man 2016. I have never been around such positive energy at a show EVER. For the people out there the music is all the matters which is so refreshing. I also met my manager on the playa after that show so it was a real game changer for me.



Let’s talk 40oz Cult! Co-founded alongside your brother Dack Janiels, and HAMi; the music collective/skateboarding inspired clothing line is “representing the OPPOSITE of bottle-service culture, one 40 at a time.” Could you tell us a little more about your philosophy/vision behind the label?
The idea behind 40oz Cult is that we are just like everyone else--constantly hustling and grinding to make things happen. Dack and Hami are both skateboarders so they really pull a lot from that world. We saw that EDM was lacking clothing with street style that wasn't cheesy with just some big logo. If we wouldn't wear it why would our fans? We want our clothes to be very on trend and versatile. In terms of the music side, we wanted 40oz to be an attainable platform for up and coming artists who have a similar drive and vision.

2017 has been a crazy productive year for you! You released your first EP, continued working on 40oz Cult, AND you recently started hosting a weekly radio show on DASH1! Is it difficult to balance everything?
Thank you! I thrive on being busy! I'm so old school I still write everything down in a planner because if its not written and checked off I will def not remember haha.

Naming only one, who would you say has been your biggest musical influence?
David Bowie. I remember discovering him when I was 12 or 13 and just being blown away. From music to fashion that man broke creative barriers and continues to inspire me.

What wisdom or advice do you have for up and coming women in this industry/music scene?
Don't give anyone a reason to question you. Keep you head down, work hard, know your music, and continuously hone your craft.

What’s next for @wenzdaymusic?
I am playing 12/22 in Minneapolis with the rest of the 40oz Cult gang and will be dropping tons of new music in 2018!


Wanna know more about Wenzday? Follow her on Soundcloud and Insta @wenzdaymusic.


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