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$ 69.00

🌐ANTI-VIRAL COLLECTION 🦋Despite the protective shield technological engagement enables, our bodies are still vulnerable to attack. In acknowledging a new multifaceted vulnerability that exists in tandem with our technological and physical presence, Anti-Viral asks us to recontextualize the power/knowledge structures that hold us back metaphysically.

🔗YENTA: Is an artist, designer and vandal based out of Los Angeles, California. Heavily influenced by mortality in addition to fetish and goth subcultures, her work touches on the internalization of hierarchical power and the vulnerabilities of the body amidst interpretations of health and sickness. (IG  @grannnypanties )

Red triangle top with extra long straps to tie any way you'd like! A black band with white Damage logos makes the top comfy & stretchy around ribcage. 

Fit: Fits true to women's sizing. Model is wearing size Medium.

Model: Sky (Check out her measurements in our sizing guide!)


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