Art Baby Girl

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Art Baby is a clothing line created by curator and artist Grace Miceli. Her line celebrates DIY aesthetics with the help of an online community of other young artists and creatives. Her prints are her own illustrations which sparks up nostalgic feelings of doodles on our school notebooks, yet keeps relevant with its current pop culture references of Drake and Hot Cheetos. Art Baby celebrates inclusivity in the art world by creating a line of wearable art. These images aren't made for white walls- they're made to circulate the Internet and be worn!

100% cotton cropped sweater with fleece lining. Front and back has a compilation of beautiful Drake lyrics. 

Materials: 100% Cotton

Fit: One Size. Will fit best on women sizes small to M/L and men sizes small. Model is a small. 

Model: Skuz (Check out her measurements on the sizing guide!)



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