$ 70.00

The DAMAGE™ KY$ (Kill Your Self) Collection takes inspiration from the Cyber Bully x Trolling cultures that are so apparent in today's social media generation. The collection is a conceptual based, visual narrative targeting the darker controversial elements surrounding today's online platforms, and the attitude x encounter associated with the average "hater" disposition. Maintaining their political satire with a cyber twist, Damage steps up their game with amazing details. The ‘182 Capsule’ collaborative items utilize text x photographic screenshots from four online personalities' Instagram accounts: Josephine (@princessgollum ) Plaaastic (@plaaastic ) Maxine (@maxineashley ) and Jasmine (@jasmandreamer) Warning: Wear With Caution.

Loose fitted, cropped style fishnet sweater, made of a velvety feeling material that is stretchy. This sweater has an oversized mockneck (shown folded in half in the picture), and sporty cute custom DAMAGE logo straps on the hands, and one attached to a utilitary style plastic triangle at the base of the nape. 

Materials: PVC, polyester, neoprene, and perforated black cotton. 

Fit: One size Fits Most. This item is of a very stretchy fit. Garment can fit women XS-XL. 

Model: Skylar (Check out her measurements on the sizing guide!)