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Ragged Priest

$ 50.00

Inspired by the grunge and edge of the ‘90s, UK fashion brand The Ragged Priest dives into a more playful tomboy/retro skater vibe this season. With unisex looks like oversized t-shirt dresses, cropped sweatshirts and 90s-inspired indigo camo jackets intertwined With the slogans: “Hustler,” “Tomboy,” and “Toxic"RP will have you believe in the magic of the ‘90s all over again!

Bright yellow open sleeved crew neck sweatshirt with patched in blue/white checkered pattern on the shoulders. 

Materials: Sweatshirt (45% Acrylic, 40% Cotton, 15% Polyester) / Checkered Pattern (100% Cotton Rib, 60% Polyester, 40% Cotton)

Fit: True to women's size. 

Model: Michelle (Check out her measurements in our sizing guide!)


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