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Our newest edition to our ever-growing list of designers isa duo straight out of Taipei, Taiwan: Mary Jane Nite. Much like its seductively lush name, MJN brings 100% soft cyberwave vibes to sooth your soul. Chock full of pop culture innuendos with a sexy twist, this collection takes you on a neo kawaii meets bb gangsta journey. Inspired by vaporbaes + internet girls/boys next door, their collection leaves you on a soft dreamy level of high. See entire collection

Pet Shops Girl meets Canadian artist RTTC to create their debut collaboration DAMAGE. The duo greets the fashion world swinging their fists and raising their brows to poke fun at the politics cyber space and pop culture references while keeping their pieces interesting current and so totally wearable if you are down to make a statement. The collections draw inspiration from elements of various street style ‘sub-cultures’ from the past to the present, encompassing individual fashion lifestyle concept. Warning: Wear with caution. See entire collection

CheekLDN is all about the clash of youth & sophistication, and playfulness & seriousness. Her playful and colorful self resonates throughout her designs in woman’s wear, where she can stay Forever Young! Her tongue-in-cheek humor embraces the inner child we never wish to lose. The current collection draws inspiration from badass biker gangs. Chock full of attitude – sequin flames and gold chains, all on bold pink, red, white and black color palette. See entire collection

“Pet Shops Girl” might suggests the special items a girl loves and uses to expresses her individuality are essentially her pets. Each pet is unique to it’s owner’s own special personality, which defines what a ‘PetShopsGirl’ customer is, releasing a sense of uniqueness and character. All in all the Pet Shops Girl is a label which strives to blend a fantasy world of art together with fashion,for the creative spirit in mind. Have fun and live freely! Viva la PetShopsGirl! - Joe Chu See entire collection

Ivory Jar was founded by Graduate desingers and illustrators Marcelina Amelia and Rebecca Dewinter. Ivory Jar's intention is to create a rich presence of dark urban detail. Their aggressive narrative is generated within the high fashion league but adherers to an affordable retail market, making their products accessible to all. Since 2012, Ivory Jar has grown at an extraordinary rate, now with over 100 stockist world wide and seeing its designs featured in magazines such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and Elle, to name a few. A small dedicated team produces IJ's elegant and provocative products from a Victorian studio in East London.Each design is produced using hand drawn original illustrations and sculptures with inspiration drawn from all the deliciously macabre elements of society and Catholicism, from the London Punk scene to LA's Crips and Bloods, the original IJ troublesome girls and boys! See entire collection

Daniel Palillo is a Helsinki-based fashion designer with a penchant for the monstrous and the symbolic. In a world of his own, Palillo has explored oversized silhouettes, anthropomorphic motives and three-dimensional structures throughout the eponymous label’s collections since 2006. Palillo’s signature techniques include the use of patchworks, cutouts and pencil graphics. To him, clothes essentially appear as canvases. He creates them like he was writing a diary, or a storyboard: painting a picture of everyday lived experiences in a sequence of garments, continuing from one season to the next. Working in a spontaneous manner, Palillo is said to design approximately three pieces of clothing per day. The Daniel Palillo label is sold in selected shops around the world. It has recently been featured in media such as Vogue, I.D., Elle, WAD Magazine, VICE, and The Fader and spotted on celebrities from Lady Gaga to Santigold, Jessie Jay and Noel Fielding. See entire collection

Maria ke Fisherman is an avante-garde fashion firm directed and owned by by creative duo María Lemus and Víctor Alonso. The brand was born in 2009 as a project focused on fusing high fashion and streetwear with a technical, youthful and rule-breaking method. Maria ke Fisherman’s design team works constantly looking for new materials, techniques and graphic styles demanded by the new generation of fashion innovators. Within five years Lemus & Alonso have risen to the top of Spain’s fashion pack, last year receiving the prestigious Vogue Espana’s “Who’s on Next” Prize as well as a sponsorship by MADE Fashion Week to show for two seasons in New York City in 2014. Their work has been internationally featured in top-tier fashion publications globally. Their artistic vision and editorial presence has grown as a cult phenomenon among, stylists and celebrities including Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Charli XCX, Lady Gaga and many more. The Maria ke Fisherman collection is sold through key doors in Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Melbourne, Paris and Toronto, among which are the flagship multi-label stores Opening Ceremony and Candy Tokyo. The brand has received the support of the Istituto Europeo di Design, Maybelline New York and Catwalk by TIGI. See entire collection

Rene Gurskov’s collections contain reversed classics and well-known items revisited. Style wise, the collection belongs to the Euro-fashion scene combined with a Danish sense of shape and function, offering elegant tux-like suits and kid-like sportswear in a variety of colours from deep black to baby-blue and bimboy-pink with a glimpse of disco light, which is essential to both sides of the modern man : THE COOL AND THE CUTE! See entire collection

NYMPHA is the hybrid baby of three spirits from the East London underground, joining forces to create street wear clothing for women who look to emphasise their imagination through statement styles. With their motto being ‘more is more, less is bore’, NYMPHA does not believe in boundaries and can confidently create anything enabled by their powerful imaginations and technical abilities. NYMPHA has already attracted a significant celebrity and media attention (Ciara on NOTION magazine cover, Rita Ora at X-Factor final and V-Festival, Diana Vickers at V-Festival, Eva Simons in Nike Commercial, Little Mix on Graham Norton Show, I-D magazine, Topman, MTV, Grazia, etc.) following its debut collection UNDERWATER LOVE released in August 2012. NYMPHA’s second collection $IN CITY fuses the style and edge of the capital with the vice and glam of Las Vegas: casinos, gambling, women, lust and all things neon and shiny. NYMPHA does not seek neither to glorify nor judge humanity’s sinful nature, aiming instead to raise a smile with our tongue in cheek prints. Bright colours, abundant sparkle, body-conscious silhouettes – tacky in the best possible taste – this collection is designed for wild at heart women only. See entire collection

Anaoana is a designer straight from Barcelona launched in 2001. Collaborating with various artists, Anaoana has gotten together with French painter MissVan and have created wearable art together. Making a name for themselves in Japan and Spain, Anaoana is soon to become a big phenomenon. See entire collection

Nieuw Jurk is the Amsterdam-based label of Esther Meijer, graduated from ArtEZ in Arnhem with the collection ‘Going Ape in Nieuw Jurk’, where Nieuw Jurk was a fictional city and the models the Nieuw Jurk-gang. Youth culture and it’s subcultures like hiphop, rave, gothic and grunge are still a big inspiration. A Nieuw Jurk-concept is reflected in a collection, it’s print design and presentation. Since 2009 Nieuw Jurk is well known because of the conceptual and unique way of showing collections, where fashion is presented in a innovative and multidisciplinary way. In her work Meijer plays with body-image and social issues and gives a new perspective on shapes and sizes. Nieuw Jurk is often multi-wearable and unisex and always has a humurous feel. It’s over-the-top but wearable. Happy Nieuw Jurk! See entire collection


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