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eros exclusive s/s styling

Our Vision

Eros Mortis is a virtual style collective + online destination for one-of-a-kind pieces from designers all over the globe. What began as a small collection has evolved over the years into an innovative, exciting, and youthful street wear brand with a complete product range. A true haven for children of the cyber realm, Eros Mortis has helped to dial in an aesthetic that speaks to the digitally immersed generation.

Every piece in our shop is handpicked or designed for the Eros collection. We search high and low in all of the deepest darkest corners of the internet to bring you, what we feel, is the best collection of Net-inspired wares around. Encouraging personal freedom, and a defined sense of style Eros pushes Unisex designs that mirror the ideals of the post-gender movement.

Eros Mortis is more than just a company selling clothing and accessories. Eros represents our inspi- ration, our creativity, and our love for all things Net. This is our alternate universe, interlacing life, love, death and rebirth.


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