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The DAMAGE™ KY$ (Kill Your Self) Collection takes inspiration from the Cyber Bully x Trolling cultures that are so apparent in today's social media generation. The collection is a conceptual based, visual narrative targeting the darker controversial elements surrounding today's online platforms, and the attitude x encounter associated with the average "hater" disposition. Maintaining their political satire with a cyber twist, Damage steps up their game with amazing details. The ‘182 Capsule’ collaborative items utilize text x photographic screenshots from four online personalities' Instagram accounts: Josephine (@princessgollum ) Plaaastic (@plaaastic ) Maxine (@maxineashley ) and Jasmine (@jasmandreamer) Warning: Wear With Caution.

Cotton sweatpants with Damage logo straps. 

Sizing: One size fits most for unisex sizing. Will fit S-L men and XS-L women.

Model: Juhhwon (Check out his measurements on the sizing guide!)


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