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Mary Jane Nite

$ 65.00

This season, we introduce to you a brand new designer duo straight out of Taipei, Taiwan: Mary Jane Nite. Much like its seductively lush name, MJN brings 100% soft cyberwave vibes to sooth your soul. Chock full of pop culture innuendos with a sexy twist, this collection takes you on a neo kawaii meets bb gangsta journey. Inspired by vaporbaes + internet girls/boys next door, this collection leaves you on a soft dreamy level of high. 

Crew neck cotton sweatshirt with loading. . . bar printed on the chest. 

Material: Mock french terry sweat. 

Fit: Unisex, but of Men's sizing. Models are both wearing size Large. 

Model: Skylar (Check out her measurements on the sizing guide!) 


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