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Mary Jane Nite

$ 65.00

Taiwanese design duo Mary Jane Nite are often celebrated for their forward thinking take on unisex streetwear and minimal aesthetics, and their latest collection of turn up essentials is nothing less than iconic. These OG trendsetters and their unique spin on American and Japanese culture can get even the girliest girl into a simple t-shirt!

Let em’ know you have the sweetest intentions in this super kawaii white lolita Sailor Dress by Mary Jane Nite. Made of a suuuper soft N’ stretchy terry-like cotton material, this dress features a free flowing skirt, sailor striped collar. and quarter length sleeves.

Fit: One Size Fits Most. Meant to be worn as oversized, free flowing and easy to get into. Will fit up to women size Large. 

Model: Sky (Check out her measurements in our sizing guide!)


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